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Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break

In Florida, this is a whole different phenomenon. We are not defrosting here, as we have summer year round. Our winter is what the rest of country might consider Spring or Fall. It's our temperate time, our quiet time, when our home is ours. Spring Break is like a swarm of hornets. The heat makes a tangible wall outside your door. The traffic makes another. Tourists crowd the beaches, the roads, the grocery stores. The locals stay home rather than deal with the circus sideshow that has become their home. Everywhere you can hear locals grumbling and tourists high pitched exclamations "Look at that!". Behind the rolled up windows, of cars with a/c blasting, you can see the expletives streaming, as a tourist idles slowly, stalling all traffic for miles.

Floridian springtime is not like any other. The only blossoms are on burgeoning bossoms. Teens shriek and college kids binge drink. April showers come once a day, they are like drive by drownings, then the sun's back out as if it'd never gone away. It's better to travel by bike, foot or scooter, since you're five mile trip will take you an hour by car. The drawbridge will be open every time you go by, the train will be stuck and a funeral will pass you by. Ahh the Floridian springtime.

Our foliage here is green year round, and it's paradise, as most would agree. There's certainly always fresh new faces to see. Spring time and summer just aren't where it's at, when you live in a resort town. Here, off season is the best season.


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