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Monday, March 14, 2005

Early Childhood Memories

I am two years old with pigtails and it's hard to run with this diaper on. But there are crabs, oh CRABS! and they are going to pinch me. Daddy pulled the big cage out of the water and set them after me, he's so silly. The grassy hill is hard to run up and I fall back on my bum. But here Mommy comes and I'm up and safe away from the the nasty buggy things.

I am four and in the kitchen with my Mother. There is another baby coming and I don't like it. The kitchen is small even for me. I can't see over the counter tops but the room is narrow with wood paneling. My Aunt is here to visit and to watch me while the baby comes. I love my Aunt, she's my favorite person, but I am not happy this time. We are in my mother's room because I think my mother is hiding from me. I lay on her bed and toss a temper tantrum. I wave my arms and scream like hell. That makes me feel much better, but I keep the scowl for good measure. I am sorry for my Aunt. She tries to brush my hair. I love when my Aunt brushes my hair. Her hands are so soft and she is so gentle. But I can't give in! Not even for her. I want my mother!
I don't want the alien that is growing in her belly called "brother". I don't need no brother, and I don't like it neither.
They come home and my Aunt brings me out front to say hello. I resent the little bundle in Mom's arms, she looks so tired. The little thing's eyes won't open, I think it's broken, maybe they'll have to give it back.
They brought me a glow worm. I don't like it. It's eyes don't open either. The baby drinks from a bottle and I want a bottle too. I am the baby. I don't want to be the big girl. But he is kind of cute. He's so little and wrinkly. I want to poke him, but I am very careful not to touch. Mommy said be careful, and I am so glad that she is home. She looks tired so I want to be good. I will not fuss anymore for right now.

I am in the backyard and Granpa has come over. He's carrying long poles with brown polka dots on them. He tells me this is for growing tomato plants, but it sure is funny looking. I love our back yard. We have a walnut tree! You can't eat most of the walnuts cause they're all rotted inside. It's still kind of neat though I think.
Granpa's tomato planter sure looks weird. It looks an awful lot like a ... Swing Set! It is! Oh they tricked me that's rotten! But it's a present. But I don't like tricks. Oh well, it's a present for me! A swing set! I've always wanted a swing set!


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